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The story behind Pet Perfect Express
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The story behind Pet Perfect Express

Back in 1977, my wife and I brought our first puppy home. Over the years, Tanya would never eat plain kibble, so we had to resort to dressing it up. Looking back, we realized our beloved dog experienced several unhealthy signs and she died full of cancer tumors at the young age of 9. Sadly, I believe now, she paid the ultimate price with her life, for the common / commercial pet food purchases I made back then.

Moving forward 14 years, we picked another Doberman puppy named Amy, but this time we could not stand the thought of losing our precious pet prematurely again. It was then, that I started several months of focused research to seek out the healthiest pet food brands available. My North American list was indeed small and I chose what I considered the very best-of-the-best. With our Amy introduced to this new found quality and taste, not surprising, she immediately rejected her old brand. Soon, we saw a total transformation, as her coat went soft and shinny with greatly reduced hair loss, dandruff disappeared, pimples on her chin cleared up, flatulence stopped and the noted pet smell was without a trace. With all of these positive benefits resulting only from a new sourcing decision in her diet, we were without a doubt, left with a most happy and healthy dog.
In loving memory...

Tanya (1977-1986)

Pet Perfect Express was born, simply out of love for a pet, in trying to prolong its new life. We now introduce others to the very strong connection between superior pet health and proper / wholesome nutrition. It is with utmost dedication that Pet Perfect Express supplies their customers with proven dog and cat food and only the true premier choices to promote lifelong improvement and good natural old age. The same pet results that our family has witnessed first-hand can be yours too. This we share, for your cherished petís well-being.


Founder - Pet Perfect Express ô

Staff Profiles

Larry Schiestel - Founder

  • Industrial Engineer, by trade
  • Certified Engineering Technologist (CET)
  • Certificate in Management and Administration
    @ University of Western Ontario campus (CIM)
  • Dog Obedience training
  • Digital Photography
  • Collecting/restoring muscle cars and old trucks
  • Member of St. John Ambulance Dog Therapy Program


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