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"Buddy is a 6 year old Yellow Lab male, taking a moment to rest, after playing with his girlfriend Amy. Buddy came from the pound and was 1.5 years old when I first got him. I tried many premium pet food recommendations from the vet with no results until I found Canidae 2 years ago, on the advice of Pet Perfect Express. My boy was forever breaking out with skin problems, had a rash and was always itching. After switching to Canidae, his coat has cleared up 100%, he sheds considerably less and it stays very clean. He also eats less while maintaining a healthy weight now, therefore, I find the Canidae brand clearly works out cheaper. Buddy would eat 4.5 cups of Science Diet and now he consumes exactly 3 cups daily on the Canidae kibble. He is in perfect health, happy and most energetic. Now when I take him to the vet, it's just the annual checkup so I save once again. I call Buddy the new "Teflon" dog because nothing sticks to him anymore. When he had the dry coat, dirt and burrs would embed in his fur when I took him on walks. His hair is much finer and softer now and not surprising, I get compliments, all the time, on Buddy's superb coat and well-being."
"Osiris is our son's Seal Point Siamese at 1.5 years old. We bought him as a kitten and on the advice of our reputable breeder, has been on Feladie kibble since bringing him home. Our other cat is a 13 year old barn cat by the name of Missy. Missy had a bad attitude with food causing us to change her brand on a monthly basis. We tried everything and it had to be different all the time, so we would write each food down in order to keep track of the several brands in rotation. If the same brand was introduced within a 6 month period, she would simply reject it and not eat again. When our kitten Osiris first came home, he had his own Felidae brand and Missy had her flavour of the month. Soon Missy started snitching Osiris's food and the elder cat has stuck to eating the Felidae kibble ever since. From day one, our Siamese cat has the most gorgeous coat, while our barn cat Missy is a lot better. Now the litter box doesn't smell anymore and we change it once a week, provided we don't forget."
LEE MONUMENTS - Sandra & Rick, St. Thomas, ON.
"Lily is our lovely 3 year old female Yorkie/Lhapso mix. In the past, she was fed IAMS Lamb & Rice and we switched her to the Canidae brand, just over a year ago. Lily use to itch a lot before and now her itching on the new food is clearly less often and for smaller time periods. It now tends to be sparked by an allergy to fresh cut grass in the summer months. Our girl went to the vet recently and they noticed that her teeth are nice and clean. She no longer has the doggy smell and no more bad breath either. Also, since her last annual checkup, her weight has managed to stay exactly the same. This, even with people pampering her with treats in our store. We highly recommend Larry and his Pet Perfect Express products to all of our friends."
Muscat Jewellers - Dan & Joanne, St. Thomas, ON.
"Pictured is a puppy Shepherd at 8.5 weeks young. We brought her home only two hours ago, and have not picked out a name for her yet. I phoned Larry and he immediately brought the puppy food straight over. She will be on the Canidae All-Life-Stages kibble for the rest of her life. Our older Rotweiller just went on the Canidae Platinum for the glucosamine and chondroitin content, a few weeks ago. We are a new customer of Pet Perfect Express."
Dawn & Jason, St. Thomas, ON.
"It's hard to believe Springer is still with us and doing so very well. She is a Liliac Siamese (light colour) that will be 14 years old this December. Pictured with Softtail (chocolate) and our other Siamese is Dyna, all named after Harley-Davidson's. Springer had a severe accident when she drank some chemical laden water in a hot tub last year, which made her extremely ill. The vet removed part of her liver and she only weighed a scant 4 lbs. She couldn't keep weight on as she would gorge at food and then vomit, while the eat and vomit cycle continued until one day, Larry knocked on our door. Now, she can eat then walk away, and has gained weight to a most healthy 7 lbs. Her coat has grown back and "my god" she doesn't get sick anymore since switching to the Felidae brand. In fact, all three cats would only eat wet food in the past, as they would all puke up the competitor dry food. Now, our cats only eat PPEx products and they really like their dry kibble with the occasional canned food. Plus, they have all been switched to free feeding. Pet Perfect Express has proved to be a real life saver."
Louise and Jack, St. Thomas, ON.
"Sabo is a 128 lb., 8 year old Rottie mix that is incredibly gentle with our two young children. A most powerful male, he can pull the couch across the living room floor with a total of 300 adult pounds sitting down, playing a friendly game of tug of war. Also, Timbits sitting on the very top of the fridge are fair game, he just reaches that high and they disappear. We have spent a small fortune to prolonging our dogs life. Even though he has had all kinds of premium and expensive dog foods in the past, his numerious health problems have been non-stop. From 4 years old, infectious hepatitis, epilepsy seizures twice, hypo-thyroid at 6 years plus allergy problems have made Sabo a very high maintenance dog. The thyroid condition alone caused him to gain weight with no energy, as he just seemed like a bump on a log. He would throw up regularly, being very larthargic, causing food not to digest/rot in his stomach (attributed to a very slow metabolism) that left Sabo smelly. Switching to Canidae, over a year ago, has made Sabo the healthist he's been in years. His stools are solid now and he no longer carries the dog odour. While Sabo hasn't the stamina to roller blade with us now, he does enjoy walks and has more energy and improved health than in years gone past. With Canidae kibble from Pet Perfect Express, we are without a doubt, adding to Sabo's quality and longevity of his most precious life."
Kevin and Debbie, St. Thomas, ON.
"Shiraz or Raz for short, is now a year and four months old. This shepherd had been a funny eater, right from the start, as she would eat for a week and fast for a week. We tried Science Diet and also bought Medi-Cal from the vet but she wouldn't eat it, and she was not gaining weight which concerned us. Then, a lady at work told me about this special dog food that Pet Perfect Express was promoting. At 5 months old we tried our girl on kibble from PPEx and within the first week we both noticed her coat got shinny. Her dog breath went away and she never has any doggy smell, unless she gets into the local creek. (Ha-Ha) Raz was a real picky eater in the past, and now she eats the Canidae food and snap-biscuit treats every day. The all-life-stage-formula is great for her, both as a puppy and into her adult life."
Kim and Tim, Alymer, ON.
"Hannah is our 5 year old Vizsla (Hungarian Pointer) female. As a puppy she liked the Eagle brand, but high in fat gave her severe diarrhea. Before introduced to Pet Perfect Express, we were feeding our girl Lamb & Rice from Pet Value. This and other brands we tried, finding none she really liked. As Hannah would never eat her food, we resorted to dressing it up by mixing in gravy or can food and still she was not fussy on this. The very first time she smelled the Canidae sample pack, she ate it right away. Now she eats her food and obviously enjoys it. After switching to Canidae a year ago, we also noticed her coat has become really silky and smooth. She doesn't pass gas anymore and since her teeth were vet cleaned, they are staying odour free now. Since I met Larry and switched to his line, we no longer have to try and find out how to get Hannah to eat. This is a big relief, since in the old days her food would sit on the floor, all day, and she would simply walk away and cry. Now Hannah can enjoy a healthy life and does, every day."
Nancy, Laird and Jaiden, London, ON.
"Toby is just over a year old. We had a female miniature poodle for 15 years - Holly was so special. After we put her to sleep, the house just was not the same so I went searching for a new baby. Toby was 2 weeks old when I first saw him and he won my heart, so at 6 weeks he came home. He was so tiny but had his own personality. Toby definitely had his own mind too about his sleeping and eating habits. I tried about six different pet food brands, plus real turkey breast, ham, roast beef, cheese and even canned dog food. He would eat a little of each and then not eat it again for a week. I was at the end of my rope and even tried cat food. Then I happened to talk to a friend at work that knew about Larry and his product. So we tried both the treats and the food and Toby enjoys both. He doesn't eat a lot but eats every night now. Before bedtime he usually has 2-3 treats and then in bed he eats 1 to 2 handfuls of the dry feed. Since puppyhood, Toby has been on Canidae All-Life-Stages and his coat is so beautiful, so soft and so full. Thank goodness for Larry and Pet Perfect Express."
Doris, Arva, ON.
"Abby girl, is a 16 month old female and she only weights a mere 175 lbs. This English Mastiff breed represents the biggest pup on healthy Canidae All-Life-Stages kibble from PPEx, starting from 5 months old, and she hasn't stopped growing yet. At only 4 months old while on Pet Value Performatrin puppy food, a local vet diagnosed her with a mild case of Phase 1 hip displacement, clearly evident from her limping all the time. Switching to the Canadie food, her limp completely disappeared within the very next month. Since day one, no adverse or ill effects from the prompt food changeover and no runs. To the contrary, her muscle tone is most excellent and her coat supports a beautiful shine. Also, dandruff is completely gone and best of all she no longer has any dog smell, which we like the most. Everything about this food is awesome and she has always liked eating it too. Abby enjoys excellent health now and O'h what a big sweet heart she truely is !!"
Bronco & Karrie, St. Thomas, ON.
"This boy is named Chocolate, a 7 year old Chocolate Point Siamese. My other male is Bluesea, a Blue Point while my girls are, Selena a Seal Point and Lily a Liliac Point. Their coats are very shiny and soft now and they really love to eat the Felidae kibble as their bowls are always empty, at night time. Up until a year ago, all my babies were fed IAMS while Bluesea was loaded with dandruff and had bowel trouble. Then I learned of the greatest pet food alternative from Larry. Bluesea is now passing food easier, he lost a necessary 2 pounds, and best of all his dandruff is completely gone. All of my four babies are doing fantastic, since we discovered Pet Perfect Express."
Diana & Brian, St. Thomas, ON.
"Tanner is now 3 and when he was a year old we discovered he had a thyroid problem which caused very dry, flaky skin and had bad acne on his chin that was prone to bleeding. After several expensive visits to the vets, we were informed that he needed three different products to help control the situation, which cost us just under $60 per month. I met Larry, and he introduced me to his human grade line of dog kibble. Since switching to the Canidae brand, Tanner no longer has problems with his skin, no acne, and we have drastically reduced our monthly expenses, as we haven't had to buy the other meds, except the thyroid pill. Tanner is also a lot happier and healthier now! I was extremely surprised by this because we had been feeding him a "top of the line" dog food (or so we thought), and couldn't believe the new results we seemed to be having. Tanner and I highly recommend this line of kibble to anyone."
Melissa and Jason, St. Thomas, ON
"Our breeder recommended Genesis or IAMS and said, "give out measured portions of kibble, at specific feeding times, otherwise your dog will gain too much weight". Since we brought Tanner home, he has been on the Holistic Blend - Lamb and Rice and we have always free fed him. Tanner is in perfect health and proper weight for the Sheltie breed. He never over indulges since his kibble is extremely healthy and filling vs. feeding one's pet cheap corn and by-product meal foods which can cause them to over eat, as they never seem to get the full/complete nutrition. Tanner also loves his Canidae Snap-Biscuit treats and works to get more of his favorite biscuits. He cleverly barks to go outside for potty and 10 seconds later he is scratching the back door to be let in for his just reward. Our lovely boy does so well on all of the Pet Perfect Express products."
Harry & Margie, Wingham, ON.
"Amy just had her second Christmas and never stops enjoying life for a second. She has been on the Canidae kibble and dog biscuit treats for a year now and is so very happy & healthy. Her tail wags from morning to midnight. We are confident our girly is getting the best nutrition the world has to offer and others clearly think so as well. One day at a local show, two BARF (biologically appropiate raw food) opponents thought my Amy was fed some home made food. They drew this conclusion because she looked and felt like a black coat of mink, the ultimate compliment! Once they learned the truth, they said if they ever switched back to commercial food, they would only buy from Pet Perfect Express. On a more important note, Amy was good all year long so "Santa" brought her favourite toy, a prized Wilson tennis ball."
Nancy Schiestel, St. Thomas, ON.
"Merlin is our Scottish Terrior, and we had him flown in from Calgary as a pup, 3-1/2 years ago. Our previous beloved dog was a Scotty Lass that died prematurely to bladder cancer. This situation made us extremely paranoid about the all to common poor quality meat and chemical additives used in dog foods. Therefore, we restricted Merlin solely to a vegetarian diet since he came into our lives. After discussions with Larry, we found that his brand of food was the only one that met our strict approval of top quality protein's. During the past year we have changed Merlin's diet. While we still feed Merlin oatmeal for breakfast, he does get the Canidae kibble at supper time and is as happy as a lark. Also worth noting is the fact that our boy's favourite meal now is his supper kibble."
Jeanette & John, St. Thomas, ON.
"I've been telling everyone about the transformation my cats have taken on, I no longer have the fur from 3 furry cats all over my carpet and couch. The litter clean up is no longer such a bad job. I am a true believer in the product and my cats thank you as well."
Thanks again,
Sandra, Snowbell, Micky and Magi :) London, ON.

K.C. is a 7 year old Airedale female.
Jeff & Dawn, London, ON.
"I think Canidae is one of the best pet foods around. You only have to touch another dog and then touch mine to see, feel and smell the difference. I patted someone's dog the other day, that was fed a popular brand, and my hands stunk like dog. You never feel like you have to wash your hands after patting one of mine!
Also, my cats were fighting with each other on IAMS and when I put them on the Felidae, they were play fighting and washing each other within 3 days. My mouth dropped. I was almost considering having to find a home for one of them. The trouble was I couldn't choose. I think they were not getting any nutrition and were grumpy and not feeling well.
Pictured is our lovely five month old female by the name of Co-Co. Her beautiful coat is the red wheaty colour."
Dorothy & Rick, Mt. Brydges, ON.
"Daisy my Pug dog is about to turn 4 and really loves the Canidae kibble & treats, switching from the Pet Value brand, a year ago. The way she eats now, she thinks it's her goodies, every meal time. My kids want to know why she is so shiny! Daisy recently went on the new Platinum calorie reduced formula, to help her start toning into her girly figure. As a little smarty pants, Daisy likes to try and intervene her regular meal time, so she scratches the food container with hopes of getting served, once again. Thanks Larry and Andrew for the most wounderful products and local free delivery. Great service Pet Perfect Express!"
Renrata, St. Thomas, ON.
"Mikey, is my French Poodle at 15 years young. When he was one and a half years old he developed a watery, bloody & mucous stool while eating Kibble & Bits and almost died. My veterinarian thought it was the Parvo disease but tests found it was an irritable bowel. Mikey was then kept on Hill's i/d brand for the next 12 years. I tried to switch his food occasionally because he would grow tired of the Hill's formula. However, diarrhea would reoccur with the Parvo symptoms and stomach cramps. Introduced to Pet Perfect Express, I was wary of any new dog food, at first, but made from human quality ingredients compelled me to try it. To my surprise and happiness, Mikey did great on it and still does after 1-1/2 years. My boy is completely off vet./prescription kibble now and enjoys the Canidae Platinum taste. I also like Larry's home delivery."
Lois, St. Thomas, ON.

Jasper is a Bichon Fris'e pup.
Pam & Matt, Wingham, ON.

Hunter is a 7 year old Wolf / Husky female.
Lisa & Greg, London, ON.
"Cody is a 9 year old female. Our Husky was on Pedigree dry food and if we mixed in the Pet Value brand, she would sort it out with her nose, on the floor, and reject it. She has always been on free feeding and we noticed Cody liked the Canidae kibble taste, plus the large bag clearly lasted a lot longer. As the food is nutrient dense, the 40 lb. bag lasted her 5-1/2 months, which is really economical."
Tuberware Sales & KC'S Closet - Lori Ormerod, St. Thomas, ON.
"Lady is a 6 year old Australian Shephard mix. Before Pet Perfect Express, we bought no-name type foods, no particular brand, just what ever was on sale. She experienced severe hair falling out and frequent itching with no energy. She would be very distraught, which led to constant itching, right down to the bare skin in her whole hind quarters. After one month on Canidae, we noticed a real improvement as the hair loss haulted. After one bag of kibble, half the hair had grown back and on the second bag, all the hair had returned. Amazingly, in 5 months, Lady's hair was back to a thick and luxurious coat. She now wants to play, she sleeps better, is more active, her teeth have improved whiter and the noticeable bad breath has disappeared. We have been a long term customer of Pet Perfect Express."
Molly Maid - Jim & Jeannette Fulton, St. Thomas, ON.
"We have 2 cats that were fed the Presidents Choice/Zerhs brand that was low in Ph for the urinary tract. There was nothing wrong with our cats but decided to try a new dry food on the advice of our friend Larry, from PPEx. Our cats liked the Holistic-Blend right away as they just attacked the kibble. One of the major differences we immediately noticed is that we don't smell the litter box anymore. We only have to change the litter every two weeks and neither do the cats have a runny stool. Their coats are so shinny and full on the Holistic-Blend kibble. Both my sister and dad are now using products from Pet Perfect Express. Dad's kitten's coat is so thick, so soft, so shinny. Its so amazing, the change we saw."
Dorothy and Eliza Wielhouwer, St. Thomas, ON.
"Thanks for the delivery Larry and bringing your dog over with the food order. Our Kesey really enjoyed playing with Amy. It is so much fun to watch them frolic around in our backyard. We have tried other expensive brands of dog kibble, and with our boy being so lovely, we couldn't stand the bad doggie breath and odor. We switched to the Canidae brand of food since puppyhood and now we don't mind giving Kesey all the hugs he wants. We noticed that he is in so much better shape now, he has no doggie smell and his stools are always solid, never soft or runny. We love our boy, so we only want the very best for him. Kesey is a 16 month old Border Collie male and is pictured relaxing in the hot summer shade."
Sharon & Dave, St. Thomas, ON.
"Tiki is a Himalayan female and is one year old. Over the years, our cats were fed IAMS, and after a week you always knew you had to change the litter box. Tiki has been on the Holistic-Blend since a kitten and the litter doesn't stink at all now. Plus, she really likes the taste of the Holistic-Blend kibble, making it a win-win product from Pet Perfect Express."
George & Margaret, St. Thomas, ON.
"Cooper is a 14 week old puppy that just went on the Canidae All-Life Stage kibble today. He is a Pressa Canarie breed which is from the Bull Mastiff family. Loving and loyal, these dogs originated from the Caymen Islands and was used as working dogs in vineyards, orchards and in the protection of farm land property."
Scott and Colleen Williams, St. Thomas, ON.
"Spooky is a 7 year old black labrador male. On IAMS food, in the past, he was literally covered in dandruff and severely overweight at a chubby 96 pounds. Our vet said his ideal weight should be 70 pounds, for this breed, and excess weight he did need to lose now. We switched to Canidae on the advice of Larry, and Spooky has done quite well ever since. The first improvement I noticed is that his dandruff is completely gone. Our friends can't get over Spooky's superb coat, which has become very shiny black. Our dog has been on the Canidae kibble for 1.5 years and on his last annual vet checkup, our vet clearly noticed the changes and weighed Spooky in at a most healthy 73 pounds. He asked what food he was on and when I told him, he said the Canidae brand was a good one. Spooky eats the recommended 3 cups/day to maintain his ideal weight. I'ts that easy. Also, Spooky absolutely likes the taste of the Canidae, so much that I can give him kibble as a treat instead of a regular dog biscuit. While delivering dog food to my home today, Larry introduced me to his brand new line of organic/holistic dog biscuits, which Spooky really loved. Very low in fat content makes them a real consideration for next time."
Sheila Simpson, St. Thomas, ON.
"Xena is a 3.5 year old Minature Pinscher female. She was on Science Diet dry kibble and her growing weight was becoming a real concern at 12 lbs, 2 oz. The vet then put her on Science Diet Light canned food (no dry, for lower protein and fat content) but she kept pooping, six times a day, and gained even more weight which reached 12.5 lbs. Also, on the Science Diet Light stuff, she got pancreas problems real quick, and then won't eat vet food anymore. Keeping with the vet recommended wet formula, we just simply switched brands after meeting Larry. Xena is now on Canidae, eating 1/3 can per day, spread out over three servings, plus the new PPEx liver gourmet/organic treats and the dehyrated liver training treats. Our girl is so full of energy and much healther now. Best of all, she lost one full pound, in less than two months, since switching food brands and our vet was quite pleased with this result. We figure it will take us about six months to get Xena's weight totally under control to a healthy 9 pounds, then we will switch her back over to the Canidae kibble from Larry and Pet Perfect Express."
Nancy & Ed McNaughton, St. Thomas, ON.

Pictured here is Prince, a year and a half old Shepard.
Nancy, Port Stanley, ON.

Pictured here is Gordon, at 8 weeks old.
Mike Fuller, St. Thomas, ON.

Pictured here is Bella Donna, a 9 week old, 23 lb. female mastiff.
Shawn & Lisa Bates, St. Thomas, ON.

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