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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q:Why can pets be fed less with Canidae and Felidae products?
A: Canidae/Felidae kibble are much more nutrient dense because it is a 4-meat formula with no added fillers. Therefore, the dog/cat requires fewer cups but will still receive all the vitamins and nutrients it needs. For example, a large breed dog that eats 4 1/2 cups of expensive/low-quality kibble will consume 3 cups of Canidae super premium plus kibble.
As a result, if your pet eats less and is in better health, price per serving is less with Canidae/Felidae kibble than with buying cheaper corner store kibble.

Q:What does the "meal" in "Chicken Meal" mean?
A:When water has been extracted from the meat, the end product is called "meal". It is a highly concentrated form of meat. When meat is listed by itself in the ingredients, it still contains 70% water.
Therefore, "chicken meal" is a much more desirable ingredient because it contains a higher percent of protein.

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