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"Discover Fresh", Just-Add-Water:

N-R-G Dehydrated Dog and/or Cat food is a totally complete and uniquely convient pet food product, gently processed at low temperatures, air dried, with the water removed to naturally preserve and seal in the essential / high value nutrition. Meat proteins are federally inspected human grade A cooked fresh chicken and quality grains with a variety of selected raw fruit and vegetables that are shredded, making the most wholesome 100% table-grade ingredients. NRG does not add any vitamin or mineral as these along with naturally occurring enzymes are not destroyed by the rejuvenation process. Also, no chemicals or preservatives are added. N-R-G sets a new standard in balanced nutrition with the ease and convienence of rehydrating the dry food by simply mixing with water for a 20-30 minute stand before serving, in the ratio of 1 cup of dry mix with 1/2 to 3/4 cups of fresh warm water. It is just that easy to promote a fresh food, feeding schedule for your pet's, naturally everyday. Product proudly made in Canada from free range chicken and organically grown fruits and vegetables.

Discover the new, discover the difference, it's just that fresh, fast and easy. You can depend and trust Pet Perfect Express to continually bring home only the "good stuff", right to your front door or work place. Simply put, we know your pet(s) will love the exceptional quality, essential for a healthy and happy life !

Dog mix Price: Sold in 12.5 pounds for $70.00 tax included. (includes free delivery in London/St. Thomas area) Sold in 5.0 pounds for $35.00 tax included. (includes free delivery in London/St. Thomas area)
Cat mix Price: Call for price (minimum order may apply with free delivery)

Serving: 1 cup of dry for each 20 lb. of pet's weight, spread equally over two meal times (morning and night) (mix 0.5 to 0.75 cups of fresh warm water well and allow to refresh for 20-30 minutes before serving - refrigerate leftovers)

Ingredients for Dogs: free range chicken, cooked naked oats, wheat germ, cooked whole eggs (including egg shells as a calcium source), cooked chicken liver, raw whole fresh carrots, grapegruit, winter squash, broccoli, cranberries, papaya, parsley and garlic, apple cider, goat milk yogurt, ground flax seed, cider vinegar, kelp, cold preseed safflower oil, olive oil.
Ingredients for Cats: free range chicken...

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