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PPEx TRAINING GOAL - To build a smart dog with a true love for life, respect for its human family and is welcomed within society.

I would like to find out about obedience classes and how old our puppy should be, to begin training?

All dogs require training with loads of fun, play and love that literally started 5 minutes after bringing him/her home.

It's important to first start your dog off with safe, fun and durable toys, and I can guide new parents on the most suitable ones to purchase, as only a few good ones are needed to begin.

Also, if the play time with voice intensity training is done right, the dog continues to learn at an early and brisk pace to listen and react to its master or play giver. Later when we introduce the elements of obedience, the respect and love has already been clearly earned, and the lessons can be more formal extensions of having fun. The preliminary work or early foundation, sets the tone or progress for your dogs training and avoids common behavioural problems.

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