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Dehydrated Liver - 100 grams
= $5.00 tax in.
Liver Gourmet Dog Biscuits - 1 lb.
= $10.00 tax in.

Pictured above: Dehydrated Liver (left) &
Liver Gourmet Dog Biscuits (right).
Biscuit Summary:
Pet Perfect Express is dedicated to promoting health enriching pet food products.
We are proud to offer a truly gourmet dog biscuit experience starting from a unique recipe, designed by one of the most respected holistic veterinarians in the country.
The ingredients are pesticide and drug-free from organic farmers. The grains are wheat-free to avoid common allergies, while the Mennonite produced beef liver and eggs are from free range stock and pass human “grade A” inspection. The North American kelp and garlic is also added to make the most wholesome biscuits known. Finally, the dough is prepared without the use of any oils, sugar, salt, artificial flavor and/or preservatives. This ensures a most healthy treat, as cooking without oil, for example, produce a biscuit free of trans-fatty acids. The end result is a truly tasty and satisfyingly nutritional handmade biscuit with a low fat content.
Pet Perfect Express continues to offer leading and proven nutrition for your beloved pet.

Barley flour, steel cut oats, free range chemical-free beef liver, farm fresh free range eggs, kelp, unsulphured molasses, garlic. – Made in Canada.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Protein ……... 15.20 % Fat …....… 3.80 %
Ash …….…… 6.70 % Fiber ….… 1.80 %
Moisture …… 10.20 % Sodium ….. 0.80 %
Carbohydrates 63.90 %

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